Creating & Preserving Wealth Through Real Estate.
Who We Are

We are investors and financiers dedicated to creating and preserving wealth through real estate. As part of the MOSAIC family, we have a history of identifying, structuring, and executing profitable real estate opportunities. We have access to in-market activities and proprietary research that creates a distinct advantage for our investment opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Skin in the Game: We are invested in every investment that we offer to our clients. By investing alongside our clients, we ensure our interests align precisely with those of our clients.

Pay for performance: Our success is directly related to the success of the projects we finance and investments we manage. Not only do we co-invest, we only receive fees when your investments make money.

Our Values

Do the Right Thing
Do Work to be Proud Of
Be a Great Place to Work
Be the Best
Be Profitable

Our Offerings

Unlike the world of exchange traded securities, real estate remains a market with asymmetric information, that, when coupled with the right expertise, can drive robust investment returns. Gryphon offers investors the opportunity to participate in these returns with a relatively small investment, at a reasonable cost, and in registered investment accounts.

Our Family

Gryphon is an affiliate of MOSAIC; an established Vancouver-based real estate development firm that has built homes throughout the Lower Mainland and Washington State for over 15 years. MOSAIC is driven by a simple purpose: the thoughtful densification of cities. As cities continue to fit more people into less space, MOSAIC aspires to build the most livable homes with an emphasis on elegance, functionality, and enduring value.